Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The recent economic turnaround has led to an increase in construction projects across many parts of the country. Job site safety is a great concern for construction companies as the US Department of Labor cracks down on unsafe job sites. Rent temporary fencing to protect your project from unwanted visitors, cars, theft, and destruction.

To secure and protect your construction workers and job sites, here are three types of temporary fences to consider:

  • Panel Fence

Temporary fence panels are a great flexible fencing option for construction projects because they are mobile. They are available in various sizes and with privacy/dust screens, along with swing or sliding gates

  • Chain Link Fence

A more secure option is to rent chainlink fence panels that provide an effective way to create a secure barrier. The fence can be secured and enhanced to fit your specifications. 

  • Barricades

Sturdy traffic barricades protect construction workers from cars during road construction projects. Consider adding a barricade as a tough safety fencing option. Barricades also provide good use of crowd control.

Let the rental experts at Fence Rental Service assist you with selecting the right temporary fencing to meet your needs. Our construction fence rental experts can assist you in defining how much fence you need, the best placement, and the options that will be required to achieve your goal. Call us at 877-240-4411 or request a quote online.