Panel Fencing

Panel Fencing

Fence Rental Service's fence panels comply with ASTM A392-06 standards and have superior exposure and corrosion resistance. Additionally, Fence Rental Service's durable panel stands are second to none. Constructed from galvanized 1-3/8" diameter tubing, these stands ensure stability and reliability. Each panel is further reinforced with "saddle" or panel clamps for even greater support.

Sandbags are a frequently requested add-on used to increase the overall stability of a long line of panels, especially in high-wind areas.

Some of the most common uses for chain link panels include high-rise commercial construction sites, home developments, highway projects, storefront renovations, and any application where a post-driven fence is not possible.


  • Easy to Install, Maintain, and Remove  
  • Eliminates Digging and Setting Posts
  • Installs on a Variety of Surfaces
  • Repositions Easily for Reuse
  • Durable Galvanized Steel Stands


  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
  • ASTM A392-06 Standards Compliant, CSI 01 56 26
  • 36" Base Stands for Added Stability
  • Width: 12' Height: 4', 6', 8'   


  • Commercial Construction
  • Housing Developments
  • Remodels & Tenant Improvements
  • Public Works Projects
  • Post-Disaster Reconstruction