Disruptions to a job site cost money and time. A cost-effective solution to reduce project delays is the addition of a windscreen from Fence Rental Service. Windscreens provide protection from high winds, and a cleaner, streamlined appearance. Fence Rental Service's windscreen is made of coarsely woven high-quality polyethylene fabric and is securely fastened to the exterior of any chain link configuration for durable, long-lasting results. 


  • Great for Privacy and Dust Control
  • Easy to Install, Maintain, and Remove  
  • Creates a Streamlined Appearance
  • Aids in Reducing Job Site Theft
  • Ideal for Construction Projects


  • Made of Resilient HDPE Polyethylene
  • Provides up to 88% Blockage
  • Reinforced with Hemmed Edges and Steel Grommets
  • 5’8’’ for 6’ Fence, 7’8’’ for 8’ Fence    


  • Commercial Construction
  • Housing Developments
  • Remodels & Tenant Improvements
  • Public Works Projects
  • Post-Disaster Reconstruction