About Us

Fence Rental Service is a proud subsidiary of Direct Rental Service which offers comprehensive fencing solutions for all kinds of properties. As fencing is what that separates a property from voyeurism and trespassing, it’s extremely important to have a strong, robust and reliable fencing arrangement to your property. Fence Rental Service offers wide range of temporary fencing services and solutions across majority of the states. While fencing has gone around acquiring a circumscribed entity, Fence Rental Service ensures that all types of fencing solutions are at your availability in your location for your property. Depending on the opaqueness of a fence, the safety factor and the appeal (look & feel); fences are divided into various types and Fence Rental Service, under the surveillance of Direct Rental Service offers all the prevailing fencing types. Fence Rental Service has emerged to be the most trusted and leading fencing solutions provider in the United States.